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    Three-dimensional mixer is the work done by what principle
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    Usual contact at work is more common V-blenders and mixers, as a three-dimensional mixing machine really is rarely involved, so on this type of product is a lot we do not know. Since there have been three-dimensional mixer as a new product, we have to know it's necessary, you can begin work.
    Three-dimensional mixer during operation, mixing bucket can achieve multi-directional operation, because of the flow of materials so you can further accelerate and spread of a variety of materials to achieve uniform mixing effect. And the general mixer is usually performed using a centrifugal force of the material mixed material, by contrast, three-dimensional mixer, and can effectively avoid the accumulation of segregation phenomena products to improve the mixing quality.
    In addition to the three-dimensional mixer special design, there are many related parts or auxiliary substances during work, including mechanical stirrer, air and so on. By stirring with a mechanical stirrer, causing part of the materials for liquidity, which led from the surrounding material. When the stirring speed reaches a certain level, will produce a large number of localized vortex air flow generated by the material can be rolled into the more. Like that, to complete the three-dimensional mixer mixing work.

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